Non-transferable warranties?

Recently I considered buying a previously owned Schiit dac only to discover (directly from Schiit) that their product warranties are non-transferable. This was surprising and disappointing as the policy compromises resale and resale value.

Is anyone aware of other audio companies whose warranties are non-transferable?

Many higher end brands will not transfer the warranty.
In fact, many will not even cover warranty service if you didn't buy from Authorized Dealer within their territory (US customer buys from Asia for example and new buyer needs unit changed to US voltage), and some will not honor warranty if bought mail order as they require brick and mortar stores (McIntosh Labs was one back in the day).
I think transferable warranties are more the exception than the rule in hifi. And as mcintech stated, it's often a warranty requirement that the item be purchased new from an authorized dealer.
So the standard in the industry is warranty non-transferability? Maybe I should ask who's the exception, especially when it comes to dacs.
Bryston is the exception.

Some, like CODA will offer a 10 year warranty to the original owner, and a 5 year transferable warranty. However, for the most part, very few manufacturers offer a transferable warranty.
Bryston is exceptional.
Yeah, this makes no sense to me.

It saves the manufacturer money on warranty repairs, but look at the logic.

A piece comes with a four year warrant, from the time of the original purchase.  Why should the manufacturer care one lick if a second owner wants warranty repair, if, it is still under the four year window and I can produce the receipt from the original customer????

If I buy a car with a 100,000 mile/four year warranty and I sell the car after two years with 20,000 miles on it.  That car is still under warranty.

This not covering the second owner (with proof of purchase from the original customer's purchase) is baffling to me.

Bryston is not as generous as before.   Orig owner to buyer purchased from an authorized dealer with receipt.
PS Audio has a 3 year transferable warranty for their product line.  
Non transferable warranty somewhat encourages purchase of new gear especially from companies that have some history of needing service on occasion. CJ comes to mind from prior experience. Would never buy a used one(or new) after two horrible experiences. I'm sure there are other companies to NOT buy used. 

To my knowledge Bryston & PS Audio do offer transfers, not aware of any others.
I have purchased a few "gently used" items that are current models, and have made the calculation that the money saved more than offsets the costs of potential service, and so far (knock on wood), that's worked out for me.