Non-ported sealed cabinet speakers

Can someone provide me with a list of sealed cabinet, non-ported, bookshelf sized, two-way speakers? Looking for something with a 6" woofer.
Aerial 5B is the only thing that comes to mind..
Check Lipinski speakers - Stereophile class A.

They also make smaller size L-505
Any of the LS3/5A speakers, such as the littlest Harbeth.
Vandersteen VLR
Features the Latest Vandersteen 6.5 inch Die cast Basket woofer and 1 inch critically damped alloy tweeter
The enclosure is made of 1-inch constrained layer-damped high density MDF clad with real wood finish.

The diffraction-free grill is removable and comes in standard fabric colors which include black, beige and charcoal gray. All standard wood veneers are available for the price of $1,195 per pair. Custom woods and finishes are also an option.
Cheers Johnnyr
NHT - SB-3.
ATC 40
Merlin TSM
Opera Seconda: sealed floorstanders. A real rarity there!
Spendor 3/5
Harbeth P3ESR (awesome- 5")
looking for under $1k / pair
For under $1K, the only choice I can think of currently being manufactured is the NHT Classic Three, although that is a three-way speaker.

If you consider used speakers, the NHT SB-3 would fill your bill, as would the Spicas (I believe they are sealed) or the Celestion SL-6, SL-600 series, if you can find them for under $1K.

The old Peter snell Type Q, and Audio Note AN/K with silver wire-I'm looking for a pair right now. They're both great. They are both stand mounts.