non-locking rca's for analyis plus interconnects.

I want to reterminate my a+ IC's with a high quality rca (I can't use the existing locking wbt's in the tonearm pod I have).

Does anyone know for sure whether their cables will fit inside the small xhadow rca's? (I can't use the large xhadows). I already emailed analysis plus and they say they are not certain of fit. I want to be sure.

If the xhadows won't work, please suggest a good alternative.

Just measure the diameter and see if they'll fit. The engineering drawings are available online. Here's a link: The link address says it's for a Vampire connector, but the drawing is obviously the Xhadow.
Thanks, photon46. I've seen that diagram and I told a+ in my email that the max diameter that the xhadow can accommodate is 7mm (according to that diagram). Yet, no definitive answer from them. I don't have calipers, but when I eyeball it on a straight ruler I get ~7mm for the cable's diameter. Too close to call? I know 9mm will work since that's the diameter of the wbt's, according to their data sheet.

But Ct0517 has given me another idea that I might pursue instead: a continuous run of tonearm cable from headshell to phonostage, running external to arm. Has anyone tried this for a pivot arm?

I would still like to have a definitive answer to my original question.
You can also shave the exterior of a cable jacket with a razor knife to get a too snug cable to fit into a barrel of the same diameter. You don't have to remove very much material. I've done it and it's not difficult, just have to take your time.
That's a good idea, photon46. I'll pass that along to the re-terminator should I go that direction. I wish I had the skills to do it myself, but alas...
Vampire 'Tiffany' RCA are available in multiple size openings. 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm etc.
Another plus of tiffany RCa are the ground is not solder but crimp by the closing of the shell.
Very depedable
My preferred RCA.
ah, elizabeth, the vampire 800c might be the one at 8.3mm. thanks.
The Vampire 800c is an excellent connector, I have used it myself with great results.
The Vampire 9X is what i was referring to as tiffany style in a 9mm.
with the 9x, I'm wary of its 'fat bottom'. I need to be able to stick a banana plug (for ground wire) inbetween the 2 rca's and I suspect it won't be possible with those.