Non-Linn Speakers for a Linn Stereo System

I own an all Linn stereo music system which consists of the Linn Akurate 4200 (4 x 200W) power amp.

What would you suggest as speakers for a 12 feet x 14 feet non-treated room that will provide good, tight, accurate bass without the use of a subwoofer and that is easy to set-up and drive?
Are you saying you specifically don't want Linn speakers? Because the new Linn Majik 140s, with four drivers per speaker, would match up with those to run quad wired passive or quad aktiv. That's what they're made for. The 140s are less than two grand.
I did audition the Linn Majik 140 speakers in passive mode and liked them a lot. Aktiv would be out of the question since it would require a second Linn Akurate 4200 power amp which I do not have any room for in my rack plus not enough funds for speakers + amp.

I was wondering what else would work well in my room.
OK, I see. In that case, since you essentially will be sticking with four channels in that 4200 amp, you can look at the Linn floorstanding Ninkas speakers, which can be driven aktiv with four channels - using one stereo bass aktiv card card on two channels of the 4200, and one stereo treble aktiv card on the other two channels of the 4200. The Ninka is the speaker that preceded the 140. You can buy second hand Ninkas and the aktv cards for about $1,000 together. Many people prefer the Ninkas over the 140s, so, though it's a matter of personal taste, they are of the same class of speaker. So that's what I would do in your shoes.

For more specific info about creating a chain around the 4200 amp, go to the forums at The members there can give you spot on advice re: all the details.
I have the Ninkas and drive them in Passive mode with new Majik-I integrated. Results are great even in passive. Big improvement over older Linn amps. Also, Linn has option to upgrade to new Dynamik power supply, I have not heard but am very curious.