Non-edgy Shielded Silver IC Recommendation

A friend loaned me his older silver ICs. I had never used silver ICs before because I thought they might sound edgy and grainy. I was nicely surprised!

So I am thinking to replace my ICs with silver ones. Currently, I have 1m single-ended JPS Superconductor FX3 between CDP and preamp, and 1m balanced JPS Superconductor FX3 between preamp and power amp. I also have a pair of 12ft JPS Superconductor+ Petite speaker cable.

I'd like to keep the speaker cable and change the ICs to silver ones. Can you make a recommendation for me? Thanks.
For resonably priced silver ic's, you might try DH Labs Silver Sonic Air Matrix. I only have one pair between turntable and phono stage, and much more expensive ic's from phono stage to pre amp, but my analog front end sounds none the worse for them. I don't think you can go wrong for the money.

It's important to understand that not all silver is bright and all copper or gold is soft. That is an old wives' tale perpetuated here, in magazines, in reviews, and in other audio forums.

Far more important are the purity of the conductor, geometry of the conductor, and the dielectric.

Additionally the components of the system play a substantial role in any cables' "performance".

I could have you sit in front of a system and listen to 6 pairs of interconnects (or speaker cables) and you'd undoubtedly hear a difference among them. However, there's no way you could identify (outside of guessing) the conductor(s) used in each cable.

Have fun.
I like Acoustic Zen silver reference, in my system, not edgy at all, detailed, transparent and no bright treble. Second hand they are quite cheap, especially the older mark 1 version, I use.
TG Audio
HAve to agree with audiofeil on this one. Based on the stealth PC i used got, Id bet the audio magic silver stuff is pretty awesome

there are a lot of well respected cable makers-silver is not an absolute. See

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Thanks all. I have heard that DH Labs Silver Sonics are great cables. But they are not shielded. I am in Silicon Valley and lots of RFIs around.

My JPS ICs are great cables. They are very neutral. But these silver ICs just present high freq. details much better....
Thanks Audiofeil and Kbuzz. However, I'd like to try silver interconnects. In particular, I'd like to get a pair of 3M balanced shielded interconnects. Also, the price should be below $1K.

Any recommendation?
I'm using a pair of Crystal Clear Audio master class speaker wires (biwired), and they are very transparent and have no harshness whatsoever (I,like you, was skeptical regarding silver wire). They are quite affordable, and Mel will send you a pair to audition in home
I have had great results with Audioquest Skys, Niagara, and Cheetahs. All solid silver, all smooth and not edgey. I use all Skys now, also from tonearm to phonostage.
I keep seeing these Hi price silver ICs and never have listened to any of them can't really comment . I do however know of Element cables Silver Serenade and Just contacted him about a shielded pair (custom made) for $170 . I been Using the standard Silver Serenade for years and see no need to spend what I feel is outrageous prices on anything else. Maybe I just don't know any better but for the money I love them.
Consider VH Audio Pulsar Ag ICs or Silver Audio Appassionata ICs - both ICs are reference quality, in your "budget" and constructed by craftsman who are true audiophiles. No relationship with either Chris VenHaus or Max Kreifeldt except a satisfied customer.