Non-current limiting power conditioners

I am looking for thoughts regarding members experiences using non-current limiting power conditioners. Suggestions on fav's and reasonably priced units welcome. Any conditioners to stay away from? Any that really step up an do a great job?

The RSA Haley did great in my system. These days I'm using a combination of Alan Maher's Power Enhancers.
True enough,if you use 15a,20a outlet(That's all you'll get)
pre,cdp,dacs don't need much power.Power amps seem to like alot more at times.I'm using Torus and their transformers are huge.If my memory is correct it can give you up to 400a(short term).There is alot of info on the audiocircle site.I use to use Shunyata before and HOLY COW,what a difference the Torus
makes.A huge,huge upgrade.They are pricey(rm-20a-$3200.00,
rm-10a $1800.00.they do have smaller ones also.
I believe you would add up maximum amperage that each component can absorb at full power and divide by 2/3.
For me 5X7Bs=5X16.5a(at full power 4ohms)82a and at 8ohms 41a.
So 2/3 of that is 65a at 4ohms and 27a at 8 ohms.Except for my power amps,I would never sell the Torus,She's too good.
I also use a few Alan Maher's Power Enhancers. They are great products and one can customize the sound by putting them in various locations.

My only issue with it is that it takes a long time (days and weeks) to stablize the sound. Before it gets stablized, the sound is good one day and bad another.

Every time you power down the system for some time and the stablization process re-starts, which is annoying.
My recommendation is to have dedicated 20 amp lines run to your outlets (if you don't already), but even more important have your electrician install a dedicated isolated ground and have all your dedicated audio receptacles use this as common ground.

There's a 5KVA Topaz listed for $1000 too.