NOn Audiophile Review of the Teres 160

Hello. This is my very first review of any gear I owned and presently own. What prompted me to do this is because I cannot justify to my self why I waited so long to get a Teres. Mine is a Teres 160, I have limited funds to start with but knowing the trade-in policy of Teres, hoping someday I can afford the higher models. Note That I said “one day I can afford” the same TT but the better ones, because I have no intention, now or in the future to listen to my vinyl on a TT other than a Teres.

I used to own a very popular TT (VPI Scout w/ SDS) and was actually enjoying the sound coming from it. I used to participate on this forum and on others whenever there is a thread about the Scout and preach my experience and the joy this TT brings. Everything seems fine until my brother allowed me to listen to his Teres with the Origin Live Silver arm. After the very first album, I decided right there and then that I needed to upgrade. I own the same vinyl I just heard, I’m using the same cartridge as that of the Teres, I think my arm is better (JMW 10.5), I set-up my TT as religiously as he did and even had the same LP brush and cleaning regimen, but how come I hear music from the album I never heard before? How come the separation of each artist playing in the group with regards to their instruments were more delineated? How come you cannot hear the hiss in between songs? The turning lead-filled platter also hypnotized me.

After much reading and asking, I ordered the Teres 160 for 2 reasons. First, my budget can only afford up to this level and second, according to the Teres website and Chris Brady, this is a “great bang for the buck” table. I waited 2 months for my table because Chris had a problem with the platter supplier. I have no regrets. The anticipation for the Teres gave me free time to do other things like changing my preamp to the amazing TVC, and build a single driver based high efficiency speaker. On the 6th week, Chris was kind enough to send me the base first so I have something to do while waiting for the rest of the TT. From researching the web and from asking questions, I settled for the Origin Live Illustrious arm for my Teres. I think this is great match. I also opted for the battery power supply, which in my mind is a bargain at the price, its being offered and a must in this table. It should be a standard feature, in my opinion.

I do not know much about technical terms in audio but I will say that my Teres 160 exceeded my expectations. I thought since it was not the top of the line in the Teres line-up I will get like 80-90% of the sound I heard from the 255. I cannot quantify it but I think they are very close indeed. A better arm will off set the difference, I guess. In my three years on this hobby, this was the most satisfying upgrade I make. I cannot express how much I love this table specially when properly set-up the music improves day by day. Is there a break-in process upon turntables? I don’t know, but I guess the Teres’s bearing is settling and the tone arm wirings are breaking in. Did I mention, “I love this table”?

Lastly, I want to thank Chris Brady (Teres owner) for being patient with me during my waiting time, to be able to answer my numerous queries. To Oliver (Delve Audio) for a great deal given to me for my tone arm. To TWL, Dougdeacon and other proud owners of Teres TT for alleviating my pains when I was waiting for the table and for the valuable advice I received from you guys. I might be forgetting some more Teres owners who helped me along the way. I apologize. Most specially to my brother, Amandarae, for showing me the way, convincing me to sell my other table and pushing me hard to get this table and helping me during the set-up process (I still have your DB Systems). Thanks for bearing with me.

John Revilla (Doc Jr 8156)

Welcome to the club!



I saw your post on VA first and responded there. Like Joe says, welcome and enjoy!
I'm very pleased to hear that you are enjoying your new table. Congratulations!
Thanks guys. TWL, I don't know if is appropriate but I like to take your advice on those Stillpoints(?) one of these days, just can't remember which ones.

Thanks for your post, Doc Jr., but my only reservation comes from your question, "How come you cannot hear the hiss in between songs?"

My reply is, "I don't know, but you should be able to hear it if it's there in the original master tape" - which it is in pretty much most analog recordings. Why would the hiss vanish on a better turntable?

Welcome, Welcome to the club bro!

See what a good brother can lead you into!

Anyway, IMHO, once a "Teres-trial" will always be a "Teres-trial".
Most of the people that responded to you are my mentors when I made my first jump into the Teres camp before. Up to now, I rely on their expertise because as you know, I am not a guru by any means on the area. You will meet many more. TWL, Dougd, and Joe (jphii, nice table joe!I followed your project from day one) are here as you can see. Then there's Coouugar, user510, Agaffer, and many others. Of course the man himself (Chris B) joins once in a while on the thread. The list goes on and on. One thing that I can assure you from my experience, no one on the list that I had mentioned stirred me wrong when I have some grey area to tackle regarding my Teres set up. All I got from the group are helpful suggestions without bull.

Having said that, have your wallet ready! From my point of view, any upgrade that Chris releases and these guys evaluated with positive results, is an upgrade worth to have. Well the upgrades does not really cost a lot unless you are shooting for the 340 which you should not do without letting me know of course :).

Anyway, I am very happy for you. Enjoy your table!
Congradulations on your new table. I feel the same way you do, everything else in my system may change but, the Teres will remain its center.
Thanks again people. Amandarae, I'm happy with my table as it is right now. I don't think I'll change anything in the near future except maybe the clamp if Chris has one that will match the color scheme of my TT, and I'll trade the platter for the woodies then the base for the cocoblos then a new cart, say a Shelter 901, or a new phonostage, or better yet, I'll get another Teres for my "B" system. But let me buy a new house first. LOL. Just teasing. Patrick, no idea how to answer your question scientifically. However, my brother who owned a Teres 245 and I have the same LP (Ben Webster's Live at the Reinnasance) when I noticed this. When I was listening to the first track on side 1(?),Caravan at the end after all the notes, in the Teres there was nothing. Black as black can be. In my VPI, you can hear some hiss. Maybe its not the LP. Maybe its the "stylus drag" onthe LP. Anyway, now when I played this LP on my Teres, nothing! Thanks again.
Not to worry, tape hiss is quite properly audible on a Teres (mine anyway). I agree it would be a pretty poor rig that masked that.

I expect Docjr8156 is right. Many of my records have a few unmodulated grooves between tracks. I can easily hear the tape hiss stop at the end of one track then start up again with the next track a few grooves later. It's actually kind of distracting, I find myself wishing they'd played some blank tape into the cutting head between tracks!

Like some others I use tape hiss as one indicator that my setup is approaching optimal for a given record. If I don't hear clear, non-grainy tape hiss I probably have VTA and/or VTF mis-adjusted.

Yes, I am that neurotic!

Correction! I have a Teres 255! How can you forget?:)

I heard he actually ordered a 150 and then pulled a little nighttime platter swap. ;) I'd count those lead shot pellets every day if I were you!

No wonder why I found some finger prints on my platter some nights ago when I got home especially after a business trip!

Let me see: 956,785....956,786....956,787......