Nominees For Worst Recording Of All Time

While listening to a downloaded recording on iTunes through my Air Pods while at the gym, I thought that Grand Funk Railroad's recording of Get It Together would certainly sound sound better through my system than through air pods.  Particularly the drum parts.  
Upon returning home I listened to the CD version through my Bluesound Vault, no improvement.  Electric piano was distorted beyond belief, drums had a slight improvement.  Next Tidal through the Bluesound and finally a vinyl recording.  God this album is good through an iPod, but sucks on quality equipment.  I won't go into the details of my system, but four versions confirms that this is a poor recording.
Any thoughts on this one or other turkeys?  I have another nominee which will wait for a later post.

Certainly a very disappointing release for me was Pollinator by Blondie, their first new album in forever.

I REALLY wanted to like it but......
So compressed and vastly overblown treble, so much so that the cymbals were so hissy and tizzy I had to check my tweeters as I thought they were blown.

Another turkey would be Attention Attention by Shinedown.

Just about ok to listen to in the car but that’s it.
All the Sonics' albums. Great Garage music (have you heard "The Witch"? Inspiration for The Ramones), but terrible recordings.
Grand Funk's first album, at least on CD, is the worst (IMO).
I have that one too, will check it out.  Sounded great at a teen with a lousy system.
i always though born to run sounded horrible. husker du's zen arcade is another vg recrod that was bdly recorded.
Bruce Springsteen followed by U2....unbelievable Bruce would allow those crappy recordings although his music is stellar
RUSH "Vapor Trails". I actually threw that CD in the trash since I could not listen to it. I knew there was good music in the CD but it was unlistenable. This disk is rather legendary for how bad the Dynamic Compression was. A little shocking considering Rush are an intelligent band.

A few years later RUSH released that album with a re-master. I ended up buying the hi-res version and it is now one of my fav RUSH releases.
springsteen's commercial breakthroughs were produced by jon landau, who was a rock critic by training--why springsteen wanted that hollow, unnatural sound is a mystery to me, esp. since his first two records sounded good in a conventional way.
Old Rod Stewart CDs sound horrible on a decent system.Best enjoyed on a lowfi set up.
Probably not "the worst" but I was very disappointed in Cat Power "Sun" on vinyl.
Leslie West  -  Why Dontcha CD
Since rock has produced many thousands of recordings that are as bad as is humanly possible there is no answer  to this .
Schubert, I´m afraid there is one for sure: Kiss Alive, 1975. I´ve listened to thousands rock albums and that is the most horrible by all means.
And Schubert has listened to them all. 🙄
Queen Live Killers. Great music, terrible recording.