Nominations for Product of the Year

There were a lot of good products introduced in the last year. What do you think was the cream of the crop?

I liked the CJ Act 2 pre-amp, and I'm not even into tubes.

I was thinking that everyone who response to this with a good answer could pitch in $100 and we would all buy the Product of the Year for the guy who started the thread. Oh yeah, that's me! Thanks everyone!
Von Schweikert VR9 SE Loudspeaker.

Quite simply the best I have ever heard, it truely deserves the title of reference loudspeaker.
That`s a easy one,Harmonic Precision Caravelle is a
Outstanding loudspeaker system.I don`t know what speakers
can compete with them at that price.

You should have heard the VR-11's.

They're better.
Gallo Reference 3. I'll go along with The Absolute Sound and 6moons. They sound better every day.
Hey Lakefrontroad(s!),

No doubt the VR-11s are better. I got to hear them at length during CES in some after hours sessions when I had the fortunate opportunity of being included amongst the “guys” through a good friend of mine and Jtinn’s graciousness. AMAZING is all I can say about the 11s.

But, I think the 9s are a bit more universal in that they would be a good match for most rooms and deliver a generous portion of the 11s performance for less money. If you’ve got pockets that are deep enough, and a room that is big enough, 11s all the way. If not, and that covers the remaining 99% of us poor souls, the 9s get my vote.

Wavestream Kinetics Phonoamp. Designed and hand made by Scott Franklin. I picked up the first production unit on Thanksgiving Day 2004 and it's fantastic.
I would like to nominate the Katsu Curry Bowl at the little Japanese restaraunt at the intersection of Bowles and Kipling in Littleton, Co.

Greatest Curry i have ever had in my life, and i lived in japan for several years and still never had anything that compared.
in terms of price/performance ratio, the Sonic Impact T-amp.