I'm in the midst of Jonathan Franzen's _The_Corrections_, and one of the characters lists off some music by some bands he's listening to, including some I know and like, such as the Minutemen, and includes a band called the Nomatics. I'm wondering if they are real. Anyone heard of 'em? Nothing pops up on Google.
Could it possibly be a typo for the band "The ROMANTICS?"
There is an Argentinean Latin rock band named Nomataras. Don't know if that has anything to do with the group you are looking for. It's the only one I could find.
Don't you just love the book?? I couldn't put it down after I got it right before Christmas. I laughed out loud at several points in the convoluted story, and ended up in tears and one point too. Not often a book can have this great an effect on me. I gave it to two sisters and my mother for Christmas and so far all love it.
Haven't ever heard of the Nomatics and thought it was just a gag on his part. He makes fun of so much!
I think Jonathan Franzen made a joke! I felt onto it like you did. Now there was a concert in a church from a band called nomatics. But I think this band was founded after the name in the book. After all, it would had been a good name for a band from the 80's.

This is absolutely no misspell! Good old Jonathan wants to tease us.

Pirate, from Germany
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