Nola Speaker dealers in Mass or New Hampshire?

Are there any Nola Speaker dealers in Mass or New Hampshire? I would like to audition the Contenders.
Regarding a Nola Speaker dealer in Mass, please contact Jim Lackey at Natural Sound. [email protected] or at 508-879-3556.
Nola Speakers
Patrick Demasco, owner of Boston High End, is closing his shop. He has some very good prices on equipment he has on hand, including a pair of Nola Boxers that he's selling for $700. I'd jump on it.
Yes, I am in the process of closing down and have a few demo models available at 50% discount (for cash/check). I just sold my Contender demos today. The Boxers are likely going this weekend. I still have Viper IA (with or without midrange upgrade), Viper Reference IIIs, & LCR Reference.

I'm keeping the Metro Grand Reference for my listening pleasure (-: