Nola Pegasus Xtreme or Dali Mageline

I am considering upgrading my speakers (1980's AR-9's on Canary 300B amp). I extremely please with my AR9's, and going to upgrade to Canary M500's and SR Telsa Apex cables. I see lots of $60k list speakers for around $18k. I am not sure if it is worth the effort / money, with the law of diminishing returns.

I am particularly interested in the Nola Pegasus Xtreme. Seems like a lot of people liked them at the 2006 LA show, but hard to find owners comments. I like the side firing woofers, like my AR9's (looks a little like a AR9 "extreme" from a speaker standpoint).

Also, I see the Dali Mageline speakers on Audiogon with numerous owners. I have never heard a similar setup (e.g., Infinity IRS).

Can anyone help... thoughts... comparisons?
I've heard the Magaliner's at a dealer. I sat there FAR longer than I thought, just listening. Fabulous speakers.
(Mac electronics for source and gain).
Hello Vernonwtx,

I'm a MegaLine owner and have only heard a Nola speaker at RMAF '09. The Nola source was analogue reel to reel...quite satisfying. The MegaLine is my current reference speaker and one must be prepared to support 4 channels of amplification. Extraordinary speakers, indeed!