Nola Metro Grand Reference

Am thinking about buying these speakers but am wondering if my current amp will have enough juice to power them. I currently have a McIntosh MC252. Realize I'm leaving something on the table with the amp but wonder if it will be that deficient. Thoughts?
Never heard the grand Reference , but did hear the Baby Grand Reference with MC2301's and they never lacked for power.


Just curious to where you heard them, I don't know of a lot of Nola dealers.

I have the Micro Grand Refs and feel your MC252 will be fine. I alternate between an MC402, Spectron monoblocks and Thor TPA-30 mono tube amps. The Nola speakers do a great job disappearing. The McIntosh will be a nice smooth listening experience. Please do not hesitate, you could always upgrade the amps later if you desire but I don't think it will be necessary. Please keep us posted.

ps Carl (the designer) likes tubes, but it's not mandatory.