Nola Conteneder OR Acoustic Zen Adagio

Please offer your thoughts. I have a Primaluna Dialogue Two integrated tube amp (40 watts) and I listen to jazz and classic rock on a Clearaudio Concept table and a Marantz SA 8003 SACD player in my 14 x 23 foot living room that has a 10 foot high ceiling. I have a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers (monitors on stands) and I want a fuller/taller/wider sound stage -- with depth, great presence of voice and specific instrument placement. I want to see the music in front of me as much as I want to feel it. I am leaning strongly toward the Nola Contender and the Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers -- to replace the Sonus Fabers -- because they are in my price range and I like how they look and sound (nice highs, warm mids, and a supported bottom end). After reading the reviews and hearing each speaker on different occasions I see the sense if buying either but before I pull the trigger on just one I'd like to get some feedback from the members, here. What do you like and dislike about either or both of these speakers? Thank you for your considered thoughts. Cal.
I have not heard the nola however I have auditioned the zens four times with other speakers jas, hyperion, kef xq40, usher. I found
the zen was by far the poorest sound. All speakers playing through the same electronics. Raysonic tubed cd and consonance tube monos
That said the zen had a very dry low end and the highs were fatiging mids fine.I believe they are over hyped and know there are better speakers at less cost. Good Luck
I have not heard the stand mounted Boxer recently and Adagio Jr a few years ago at the same dealer.
Though I cannot or did not A - B them, I prefer the Nola - I thought it was more clear. Going on memory here since I did not hear them side by side. Both were run through Electrocompaniet electronics - in fact I beleive the Adagio was run through the higher priced rig.
Adagio's are impeccably finished but cost more.
I have the Nola Contender speakers at home and think they are a competant speaker for the price. However the only way you will know whether the Acoustic Zen Adagio is better it to try it in your own system. Remember, how the speakers sound will depend on room and amplifier interaction - not on reviews or specification sheets.
can i ask what you went with? i'm deciding between the same two speakers right now.
I am also interested in what you had decided to go with.