Nola Boxers placement

Can anyone guide me to the best placement for Nola Boxers. How far off the wall? Listening from 12 feet, how far apart?

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Hello!, I just got a pair of the originals. I have been trying to find out myself the proper placement for my room and I think I just did today. My room is 20' x 20' with a 10 ft. ceiling which is sloped on one side, then it continues to an open hallway and open doorway to my living room and kitchen. I have them on 24" Pangea stands that are sand filled with blu tack on the corners of them. They are 30" from the back wall and 2ft. from the side wall ( one because the floor plan is open on left side ). I sit on my couch about 9ft. away and the speakers are 8ft. apart from the tweeters. I just listen to cd's with a Audio Note CD2.1x cdp and a CR Developments Romulus 35w tube integrated. I actually just did all this today and have been listening to a lot of jazz and electronic music and it has brought a smile to my face. hope this helps.