Nola Boxer or PMC TB2i???

Hi guys.Well I've just ordered a Cayin A-50T(35wpc.,EL-34/12AX7/12AU7,Tube Integrated Amplifier)& have narrowed down my speaker choices to the above mentioned monitors.As I'm in a geographical area were it will be impossible to audition either of these speakers I am buying based purely on reviews & personal ears on experience by Audiogon members.
Source is an Oppo BDP-95,ALL cables(including Power Cords)are Acoustic Zen,Zero Crystal Copper.Musical taste includes Classical,Blues(Acoustic & Amp'ed),a little Jazz,Reggae & Classic Rock.I value a warm,organic sound.
Both speakers are 90db.8 ohm loads & reportedly EASY to drive.So what say you A'goners,were would you put your hard earned $$$ & why?
Thanks much,take care...
The PMCs have been refined over several generations. They sound great top to bottom with lots of low end for a stand mount. If you can't listen to either, IMO, the PMC is a much safer bet. Good luck
Nola Boxer
I have owned Boxers for the past 1.5 yrs, and they are wonderful little speakers. I used a Rogue Atlas (65 wpc with similar tube complement as your Cayin), and the mids were glorious. I wanted more power, so I used a Rogue 90 for bit, but I like the EL34 sound better than the KT88. I've since moved on, but you cannot go wrong with the Boxers
Nola boxers. I sold mine last year because I upgraded but I had to spend a lot more to get a better speaker. Can't go wrong with them considering their price.