Nola Boxer 2 vs. Paradigm Studio20 V5?

I am seriously considering going for the Boxer 2 as an upgrade from my Studio 20 V5s.  They provide lower bass response, good efficiency,  and get very high reviews.
My question is, are they limited SPL wise?   Can they play louder than my Studio 20s?

I do not play loud often but, it would be nice if they could go louder than my Studio20s without distorting.


Well, decided to stop the Internet nonsense and actually go and listen to speakers.
  I auditioned a few speakers.
i brought home a pair of Stirling SD-88s 
 they are awesome!!!
A great match for my IDA8.   Just as smooth as the Harbeths but with more Cojones.
Im done.   These are great!
Good For you! Enjoy the music!
Sorry, they are SB-88s and they sound better today than yesterday. A nice match to my IDA8 amp.
Dont under estimate the Studio 20 v5, if you find them harsh is not the speaker is a cable problem, i own them and was disapointed a bit some months ago for the same reason, i was using them with signal cable interconnects and speaker cables, then with a dealer friend who sells xlo cables we tried and the harsh disapeared giving a smooth sound, better image, more enjoyable. In the same room i have compared them with some totem bookshelfs and the Hawk, that is bright!! Is unenjoyable, even tough they deliver better soundstage, and better pinpoint image, same cables. Look for occ cooper cables, cryo treated and the best geometry you can afford. About the sig 2, after reading a LOT they are my next step, i doubt when you find the same guy with the same comparisson between the sig and ascend 2 in slmost every popular Forum, and not specifing wich signature version is, just my toughts and humble experience. Check the home teather review top 25 speakers of all time btw.