Nola Boxer 2 vs. Paradigm Studio20 V5?

I am seriously considering going for the Boxer 2 as an upgrade from my Studio 20 V5s.  They provide lower bass response, good efficiency,  and get very high reviews.
My question is, are they limited SPL wise?   Can they play louder than my Studio 20s?

I do not play loud often but, it would be nice if they could go louder than my Studio20s without distorting.


My Studio-20s are a bit on the bright side.  Sometimes that is nice, sometimes not so nice.
While I've been resisting, I may break down and get a sub someday ... not right now.

Albireo, I had the 10's,20's,60's, and sig 2's.  I thought they were all bright sounding apart from the Sig 2.  They studios were all version 5.  They are bright speakers!  Sell them, buy the DeCapos and get a sub later on!  

Fritz Carbon 7s???
They get great reviews, just look very "boxey" to me.

I can't compare the Nola speakers to the Paradigm speakers, never heard the Paradigms, but the Nola Boxers are remarkably satisfying speakers and one of the best bargains I've ever found in decades of buying and swapping out components.

They replaced a pair of $4K floorstanders in my system from one of the most highly regarded speaker designers around. And, while I might have lost a slight amount of resolution throughout, the Boxers have better bass and are at least as enjoyable to listen to. Mine are the original Boxers, not the Boxer 2. My only interest in a speaker change now is to upgrade to the Boxer 2.
I compared the Ascend Sierra 2 with Paradigm Signature S6 and was frankly shocked at how well the Sierras did.  This is with 250 wpc.  I prefer the midrange of the Sierras, and the highs are a tie, but I can't get the Raal ribbon tweeter to sound harsh.  Amazing speakers.  I sold the Paradigms.