Nola Boxer 2 vs. Paradigm Studio20 V5?

I am seriously considering going for the Boxer 2 as an upgrade from my Studio 20 V5s.  They provide lower bass response, good efficiency,  and get very high reviews.
My question is, are they limited SPL wise?   Can they play louder than my Studio 20s?

I do not play loud often but, it would be nice if they could go louder than my Studio20s without distorting.


Hi Rob!  I have owned the Studio 20's V5's and they actually play pretty dang loud.  I think sometimes people don't realize how loud bookshelf speakers play because they lack the bass that towers have.  Get a pair of subs and pair them to the Studio 20.s and you'll understand.

I think the Studio 20's are a bit bright sounding and can get harsh, especially at higher volumes.  I think the Boxers sound a little more laid back and less in your face but they will still play loud; louder than the Studio 20's?  Probably not much if any.  They do sound a tad more refined and image really well.  I heard them paired with a pair of rel t5's and they sounded really, really good.

What speakers are you looking at?  Whats your amp?  For some reason I thought you did a Decco 65se with some Vandys already...

I have a Nuprime IDA8 integrated for my amp ... 100w/ch into 8ohms ... SS.
I can crank the Studio20s pretty loud but they get harsh at high levels.  I'm looking for a bookshelf spkr with more bass and more refined mids/highs.

Im considering the Boxer-2, KEF300, Ascend Sierra-2, Dynaudio.
The problem is I have a hard time finding any to audition in my area (NH).

at first I was looking into towers but I've decided to stick with bookshelf.

Also, Philharmonicas.

Now I remember!  I just bought a Peachtree 220se; am loving it!  I was considering a Nuprime IDA8 as well and in all honesty, I think I will eventually still buy an IDA8 for a second system.  Looks like a great little piece but some reviewers said it runs out of steam at high volumes.  I say just pair it with some subs and your good!  

I prefer running monitors and subs over floorstanding speakers because you can dial the system in more that way.  Hopefully this doesn't start a huge disagreement but oh well!

I havent found a pair of bookshelf speakers that play really deep bass so you might want to consider filling in the bottom end with 2 subs, 1 to start and a matching 1 later.  

If I were in your shoes, I would try to swing those DeCapo Reference 3A Dulcets here on Agon right now.  You will need a sub but I think these will provide the best mids and highs and if you're going to use a sub later anyhow...

I would also look at Dynaudio Focus 140,  Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference, Kef LS50.

I would say that the Nola's are better than the Studio 20's but not better than the Signature 2's.  I really like beryllium tweeters so I loved my Signature 2's and would also probably like the DeCapos also.

Check out the DeCapos and the Tylers!  IF
I will chime in on the de Capo's, great speakers more bass than you can believe from stand mount speakers  8.25in woofer with a tweeter no crossover  92db

I use this with a 4wpc Decware Mini Torii and get loud enough in a 12 x 20 room, not neighbors complaining loud but not bad
My Studio-20s are a bit on the bright side.  Sometimes that is nice, sometimes not so nice.
While I've been resisting, I may break down and get a sub someday ... not right now.

Albireo, I had the 10's,20's,60's, and sig 2's.  I thought they were all bright sounding apart from the Sig 2.  They studios were all version 5.  They are bright speakers!  Sell them, buy the DeCapos and get a sub later on!  

Fritz Carbon 7s???
They get great reviews, just look very "boxey" to me.

I can't compare the Nola speakers to the Paradigm speakers, never heard the Paradigms, but the Nola Boxers are remarkably satisfying speakers and one of the best bargains I've ever found in decades of buying and swapping out components.

They replaced a pair of $4K floorstanders in my system from one of the most highly regarded speaker designers around. And, while I might have lost a slight amount of resolution throughout, the Boxers have better bass and are at least as enjoyable to listen to. Mine are the original Boxers, not the Boxer 2. My only interest in a speaker change now is to upgrade to the Boxer 2.
I compared the Ascend Sierra 2 with Paradigm Signature S6 and was frankly shocked at how well the Sierras did.  This is with 250 wpc.  I prefer the midrange of the Sierras, and the highs are a tie, but I can't get the Raal ribbon tweeter to sound harsh.  Amazing speakers.  I sold the Paradigms.
I have owned the Boxer 2's for a little over 2 months now. I can not comment on the Paradigms or the Ascend Sierras. So I will stick to what I know,the Boxer 2's. I have logged easily 150-200 hrs on them since I purchased them used. They image like crazy,have great detail,and some very nice bass. They also have stopped the never ending merry go round of speakers. You are looking at some very nice speakers,and you probably wont go wrong with any of those choices. 
I agree with the last posts as well.  Never heard the Ascends but I am a fan of ribbon tweeters and Raal especially.  I have heard the Boxers with a pair of Rel T5's at Synergistic Researches room at RMAF and it is still in my top 10 best systems ever.  Synergistic Research sets their rooms up well from my experience and the Nola Boxers sounded great there.   Fritz Carbon 7's are nice as well.  Don't disregard them just because they are more square. The veneer finishes are nice and they are well built speakers.  I really liked the Fritz speakers I have heard.

You might want to consider the sound characteristics of your amp and pair them with speakers that will please you and your tastes most...  What are you going after?  I'm thinking that the IDA is very detailed and maybe a little light on the bass; could be wrong about the bass part but I do think its detailed which can come across as bright on some speakers.  Studio 20's are bright on everything though.

If you are going for a more relaxed sound with fuller bass we might change up our suggestions: more efficient floor standing speakers with more bass and possibly highs that are little more laid back..

What are your thoughts on the DeCapos or the Tyler Acoustic Taylo's?  You can get the Tylers for $1k and a nice sub for $500 and you'd have some nice full sound.  
Well, decided to stop the Internet nonsense and actually go and listen to speakers.
  I auditioned a few speakers.
i brought home a pair of Stirling SD-88s 
 they are awesome!!!
A great match for my IDA8.   Just as smooth as the Harbeths but with more Cojones.
Im done.   These are great!
Good For you! Enjoy the music!
Sorry, they are SB-88s and they sound better today than yesterday. A nice match to my IDA8 amp.
Dont under estimate the Studio 20 v5, if you find them harsh is not the speaker is a cable problem, i own them and was disapointed a bit some months ago for the same reason, i was using them with signal cable interconnects and speaker cables, then with a dealer friend who sells xlo cables we tried and the harsh disapeared giving a smooth sound, better image, more enjoyable. In the same room i have compared them with some totem bookshelfs and the Hawk, that is bright!! Is unenjoyable, even tough they deliver better soundstage, and better pinpoint image, same cables. Look for occ cooper cables, cryo treated and the best geometry you can afford. About the sig 2, after reading a LOT they are my next step, i doubt when you find the same guy with the same comparisson between the sig and ascend 2 in slmost every popular Forum, and not specifing wich signature version is, just my toughts and humble experience. Check the home teather review top 25 speakers of all time btw.