Nokie Edwards

Sad to hear about Nokie today. Underrated and under-appreciated by all but the guitar community, he could do it all, country, jazz, rock & roll.

He and Dick Dale practically invented surf guitar virtuosity, and influenced thousands of guitar players and millions of kids worldwide.

So I'm spinning ancient Ventures vinyl tonight. He'll be missed.
My first favorite guitarist.
I actually have a lot of their later stuff, after their popularity declined everywhere except Japan.

Some of their arrangements,  both covers and originals, were mind-boggling. Well recorded, too. They didn't sell very well, though. 
What would 60's radio have been without the Ventures?  They were especially important to all the young wannabe guitarists like myself.  A very special band, indeed.
I took a cruise to Mexico in the early 2000's, with The Ventures and Los Straitjackets playing in the lounge every night. All the original guys except for drummer Mel Taylor, who is R.I.P. In his place on the drum throne was his son!
There's a good reason to take cruise. Nu-surf and old surf on the same bill. Did they play with each other or just separately? That would be awesome to see them jam together. 
Separate sets, no jamming. It was like Classic Coke and New Coke.
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