Noisy volume pot on my Dared VP-845

I bought a used Dared VP-845. The volume pot makes a scratchy noise that goes from the left channel to the right as the volume is increased.. with or without a source connected to it. However, when a source is connected and music is played, the noise is only heard at low volumes. There is no noise if the volume control is left alone. Could it be a dirty pot or do I have a more serious technical problem?? I appreciate your help.
This probably a dirty pot. There are products designed specifically for cleaning pots. You will need to open the unit to get to the suitable place to shoot some contact cleaner into the pot. I like products by Deoxit. They have two cleaners for this purpose, one for pots where the resistor element is metallic, and another for pots with conductive plastic film.
I am just now recalling that I posted this... actually the noise is due to a mod the previous owner did... by removing some resistors. He said it sounds better this way as long as you don't have an issue with some fuzz when turning the dial. Thanks.