Noisy Motor In My Trusty Logic DM101

I purchased a Logic DM101 table dirt cheap a few year ago and found it absolutely trounced on my Rega 2 with motor upgrade. I think this is a decent quality table with easy to set up suspension and a nice thick heavy plinth and platter. My modded RB300 seems to be a good match for this table that has performed quite nicely.

However lately I have noticed that the motor makes noise and despite it being mounted in the sub plinth I can't help but think it is affecting music play back.

The only replacement motor I can find is the Orgin Live one that seems kind of pricey. Id rather buy a new table then spend that that much on a motor.

Is there a cheaper alternative? can the motor be fixed or tweaked somehow? Would I be better off wating for it to die and then just start over?
If you go cruising through The Vinyl Engine you should find some info on people who actually disassembled their motors to fix them up. First thing is to remove the belt and platter and turn on the motor to see if it is making noise on its own. If it is, perhaps it is only the motor mounting (bolts) which have come loose and need tightening, which can happen because the motor is continually vibrating. Tighten up the bolts. If it is still making noise and there's no dirt or something else touching the motor spindle, then see if the motor casing is held together by bolts. If it is, then take it apart, clean it thoroughly and re-lube it, using high-viscosity oil, or grease. If there are no bolts, then it can still be taken apart by drilling out whatever is holding it together, and cleaning and re-lubing it and re-assembling it with small bolts. Good luck.
Thanks for the advice Johnnantais i never even thought of that. I think your suggestions are worth trying
I had one of these Years ago - really nice table.
I am sure I recall seeing a uk company who did replacement motors - I will try & dig out the info & post.
Thanks Simon74 Any help with replacement parts, upgrades or tweaks you can think of would be greatly appreciated. I agree that this is a good table and worth spending a few dollars on - especially since I got it so cheap