noise with Sonic Frontiers T3 and P3

I have a Sonic Frontiers Transport 3 and Processor 3 and they sound very well.Sometimes is audible a crackling like static electricity,it isn't continual and never in the same track time.This noise ,sometimes is also present at the start and at the end and in the pause where there isn't music.I use only original cd,and for connection I use the Is2 enhanced cable.My system is completed with a pre: Line 2,a power amp: Power2 both Sonic Frontiers ; loudspeakers:Sonus Faber Electa Amator I.Analog front-end:Mitchell gyrodec,SME IV,Benz Ruby 2 with PPI phono.
Have someone experience about this problem?
Regards,Piero Italy
Aren't these tubed products? The problems you described are usually attibuted to noisy tubes which should probably be replaced.
I would try and find out if the problem is coming from one particular channel. If it is, start switching your tubes (two at a time) until you hear the noise in the other channel. Then you will have your culprit.