Noise when shutting off power amp? Help?

I have a Classe 100 power amp, and preamp, and when I shutdown the power to my system Power amp>preamp> source(in that order, which I believe is correct), I shut off the power amp first, and when it clicks off it sends a noise through to my speakers. Is this normal? I had a Rotel amp before this and it never made a sound. Should I just turn the volumn down on the preamp before I shut the power amp off?
Should I just turn the volumn down on the preamp before I shut the power amp off?

Yep.... And if the preamp has a mute feature, mute the preamp before turning off the power amp.

Post back with your results.
Why not just leave it on 24/7?
Can anyone tell me why this power amp does this? Is this a common thing with Classe power amps. With the Rotel amp, it did not matter what the volumn was left at, it shut off completely quiet, never made any sound through the speakers.
My Bryston 7B SST monoblocks make a small noise when shut off. It sounds like a switch being opened. It's not bothersome.

Assuming the source is not playing, the volume on the preamp should not make any difference since there is no signal flowing through it.

You could send an email to Classe to see what they have to say. My guess is that it's nothing to be concerned about.
I don't mind the sound the power amp makes shutting down, but it concerns me that I hear it through my speakers. I find this quite odd.
I would conclude amps differ in their behavior when powering off. Case in point: I have had 2 amps from Belles, the first was the HotRod 150. It never cared about sequence when powering off.---The 150a ref. I now have requires the pre off first---or change to an unused input,by remote,in my case.---If it ain't music,I don't want my amp reproducing it.