Noise when playing vinyl

I just bought a used Rogue Audio Sphinx integrated amplifier which appears to be in very good shape, and connected a Micro Seiki DD30 turntable to it which I obtained used in eBay. The turntable seems to be in good shape, and works fine. However, when I first turn it on and start playing an album, there seems to be a rather loud low frequency noise which makes the woofers in the speakers vibrate wildly, and even makes the needle skip. I turn down the volume, wait a few seconds, and then can resume playing without further problems. Anyone have any idea what is causing this and how I can repair it? Thank you all in advance!
You need to move and isolate your turntable away from your speakers.
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Guys, thank you again! Viridian, I placed felt pads under the heavy entertainment center that I have the TT on, and I also placed felt pads on the metal feet that my Totem speakers have. That has solved the problem! Which is a good thing, because I could not move the speakers to any other location. Thanks so much again!!!
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