Noise when playing vinyl

I just bought a used Rogue Audio Sphinx integrated amplifier which appears to be in very good shape, and connected a Micro Seiki DD30 turntable to it which I obtained used in eBay. The turntable seems to be in good shape, and works fine. However, when I first turn it on and start playing an album, there seems to be a rather loud low frequency noise which makes the woofers in the speakers vibrate wildly, and even makes the needle skip. I turn down the volume, wait a few seconds, and then can resume playing without further problems. Anyone have any idea what is causing this and how I can repair it? Thank you all in advance!
Its sounds to me like a major cartridge tonearm mismatch. Try a Cartridge that the tonearm likes. This is most likely why you are having so much woofer movement.
Do you know if your TT has a built in phono preamp? If you are not sure, plug it into a line level input and see what it sounds like.
Thank you all for your prompt replies! Here's what I've got so far:Zd542, the turntable does not have a built in preamp. When I connected it to a line level input, there was minimal sound with the volume turned up. Mattmiller, I don't know the model number of the tonearm, but it is the one that the turntable originally came with. I have an Ortofon Blue MM cartridge installed, and, aside from that occasional noise, it actually sounds pretty good. Viridian, I also did as you suggested and indeed the woofers shake and the noise returns as soon as I pass about the halfway point on the volume knob, so it is consistent with acoustic feedback. So, where do we go from here? Thank you all again for all the help!
You need to move and isolate your turntable away from your speakers.
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