Noise recommendations...

I've recently dug on Goz Krameur band and was impressed. It's certainly differs from heavy metal by great veriety of tones present and genuine ideas nearly on each piece I've listen to. At the end there were a-bit headache but still enjoable!
Anyone can recoomend me great experimental noise bands?
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Koenjihyakkei "Hundred Sights of Koenji". Far out (insane) Japanese noise that has slight Magma influence. Also from Japan are Happy Family, who are also very noisesome, with a slight Thrak-era Crimson tilt. I particularly endorse the Koenjihyakkei.
Tom Waits - Mule Variations
Hey Maraknetz. Got noise, if you want it:
1. Otomo Yoshihide "Sound Factory (1997)"
2. Merzbow: everything
3. Fushitsusha: everything
4. Electric Wizard "Dopethrone"
5. Sonic Youth: everything, and side projects
6. Nurse With Wound: chance meeting on a dissecting table of sewing machine and an umbrella
7. Spunk: det eneste jeg vet at det ikke er en stovsuger
8. Hovercraft: Experiment Below
9. Earth: Earth 2 (special low frequency version)
10. No Trend: Too Many Humans
the list goes on....
Contact John Vance in Mpls...he runs a noise label....or John John at the Electric Fetus...