Noise problems

I have a tube input module that I purchased from an audio technician that I run my power amp through (i.e. preamp output to tube input module out to power amp inputs). When the tech ran this module on several different power amp/preamp combos there was no noise whatsoever. When I run my system with NO tube input module there is no noise. When I run my system WITH the tube input module there is a slight buzzing noise that eminates from both speakers. I have tried moving the module farther away from the amps, I changed cables, I had my amps and preamp looked over, etc. The technician said this sound is probably eminating from the tubes. Is there any way to reduce this noise level, albeit from buying new tubes? (i.e. ferrite clamps, etc.) Thanks, Steve
Steve, I had the same problem. I did three things to eliminate the noise (buzzing sound, my guess is at about 120hz). Fist, I grounded my tube preamp to a cold water pipe, that helped a little. Then I clamped ferrites on everything remotely resembling a wire. Some improvement. Finally, I upgraded my stock power cords to MIT Z-Cord II's, that finally did it. I'm not certain if it was a combination of these things that slayed the noise, if you follow how I tackled the problem, I went for the easiest/sensible/cheapest solution then kept at it. My noise problems are a thing of the past, good luck. Jeff
I just fixed the same problem using cheater plugs (and thus elimitaing the ground on two source components) and got rid of an annoying buzz. Work back from the poweramp. pull the interconnects off the power amp. Does it still buzz? If so it's the power amp. But if it's nice and quiet, replace the interconnects and then start pulling out all the interconnects from the preamp. As you plug them back in one at a time see which one starts the buzz. When you find it, try a cheater plug on the power cord. That should take care of it. I needed to use 2 plugs to eliminate the buzz.As always make sure the mute switch is on while your pulling plugs