noise problem with cable

I have just purchased a 30ft IC,a MIT cvt proline with balanced (xlr)connectors.When I connect them using cheater plugs XLR to RCA from my Cello Palette equalizer to the meridian 861 processor I get a loud hash like noise.Any idea what is going on ,when I use a rca terminated ICs I have no problem.
Some equipment is hot pin 2, other equipment is not. I don't know about your equipment but both manufacturers should have specs disclosing that.

If either hot or ground is reversed between those pieces, either through original design or reversal of signal via your cheater, the problem you describe could occur.
when I used XLR to RCA adapters I found they introduced lots of noise......
Why in the world would you have a balanced to Single ended adapter. You loose LOTS from this configuration
I do not have xlr out or inputs on the equipment.I have used adaptors many times in the past with no problems.The noise is not just lost signal or sound degradation.It is a loud hush noise not a hum.would anyone know whether I could cut of the XLR and replace them with wbt Rca without serious degradation and will that eliminate the noise.Or should I just get rid of them?
Depending on what conductors are used in the construction of the cable, you may be able to remove the XLR and switch to RCA.

Do you have an MIT dealer around you can talk to? Or just call the factory and ask if that's possible and what it would cost. Even with ship charges it may be cost effective opposed to selling and investing in another cable.