Noise on Eva Cassidy-Songbird CD

Anyone else have this problem. It starts before the music even starts and is throughout the entire cd.
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No. Between myself and several friends there are half a dozen copies lying around. This CD has sibilence as does the LP, but surface noise or tape hiss or any other noise is absent. Hope that helps.
Just checked my copy and have no unwanted or unusual noises. Sounds like you have a defective CD.
That's the sound of cash registers ringing.
My version is extremely noisy as well. I always wondered if I had a bad disc. Apparently there are various quality ones out there. I wonder if we can get replacements?
Mine plays fine - no background noise, hiss, or hum
This is an interesting question to me, and it sounds like you have particular problem on your CD from what you describe.

I know this CD well, and if your system is good enough it resolves a very fine backround hiss on some tracks of this compilation. e.g. In the opening track "fields of gold" you can hear the hiss as it increases in volume just before she sings each verse. I can also hear differences in hiss between this one and the same song on the Live at Blues Alley CD, which has varying degrees of hiss throughout, but none of these hissy fits are bad enough to affect the excellent recording quality and performance.

In testing systems I found some could not resolve the hiss on Fields of Gold as well as others, so I always take Songbird to auditions. Many of the tracks are clean, with zero hiss.