Noise issues that can’t be corrected.

You can spend thousands for a quieter system, and it sounds amazing.

However, how do you deal with landscaper and tree trimming noises? Penetrating windows and walls, and going outside makes it worse.  Rain brings pause, but pitter patter is disruptive to music listening, but its nice on its own.

everyday, landscaping noise is everywhere, and the chief culprits are leaf blowers, which are the worst.  Mini jet engines strapped on the backs of men holding a neighborhood hostage as they blow every last leaf and grass blade into oblivion.  The aftermath can be pretty, and then within hours, a wayward leaf will blemish the green landscape, how horrible!

I have told my crew to cease trimming and using blowers in backyard, unnecessary.  May help.

we live in a noisy society.  Not everyone can be surround by an expanse of undeveloped acres. 
So fellow brilliant minds, how do we solve this problem?

Pearl Audio in downtown Portland Oregon went to extremes of glass which they claimed was -40db as well as substantial wall insulation on the exterior facing the street and city park.  Freaky as one watched cars go by and children playing in the park.....all in complete blissful silence.
Jumia, have you ever listened to SlipKnot?

My solution to the problem is 5000 watts and a volume control that goes all the way around to 6 oclk.
I listen to organ music, and india rap. 
Soon, I hope, gas powered lawn equipment will be illegal... They say it's coming in CA.
Awesome. Problem is landscapers couldnt use as extended use is a problem.  Ca will have problems with this.