Noise in one channel

Newbie here, both to the forum and to high quality home A/V.

I have a two year old Emotiva Fusion that was never used.  I just purchased KEF Q300 and Q600 and have some old Onkyo surrounds.  

Upon install, I have been hearing intermittent crackle/pop sounds from one channel (FL).  I assumed I had compromised speaker wire somewhere so to confirm I swapped Center and FL channels at the receiver.   The sounds followed the swap and began emanating from the Center channel.   I believe that points to the amp circuit from the receiver, does it not.

What are my options to fix or further isolate this?

It seems like a wire.
not clear what you REALLY swapped.
speakers? wires?

I swapped speaker wire leads from Center channel to left front and vice  versa....the noise moved to the speaker that now was plugged to the left front amp channel....the original speaker was quiet.
i see. you might want to check/re-apply solder on input and output terminals of FL channel. re-apply to all of the inputs
if that won’t help, it’s perhaps noisy output transistors(or amp modules whichever applies). usually they may have hotter temperature than on all other channels.

My Emotiva receiver is still under warranty so I think I can either call in a warranty claim or get an amp and relieve the receiver of those duties....correct?
Yes send them the receiver immediately! !!
Any feedback on how long their service takes?  I can't be down for weeks!!!  
Is it not cleaner power anyway to forego the power output of the receiver in favor of a separate amp?  I had been planning on the Emotiva A500 amp....any others that compare in terms of spec vs price?
Warranty speaks for itself. Send the bummer for repair.

Does this noise happen at any volume, low, medium, or high?

"any others that compare in terms of spec vs price?"

That can be very costly and lead to a bad purchase if you don't fully understand how to interpret them. IHMO, they are more useful to rule out a choice rather than make a buying decision.

I meant are there other entry level audiophile grade amps in the price and spec range of the Emotiva A500.
Noise is consistent regardless of volume.
Appears the Fusion needs to be sent to Emotiva for service.

If the plan is to connect the A500 to the Fusion, that doesn't make much sense to me. Even if the Fusion is working properly, if there is a difference, it would likely be marginal, and there's a good chance for no difference. Also, that may or may not resolve the noise issue. That type of noise may not be in the power section of the Fusion, but elsewhere.