Noise in my Speaker.

When push ON my CD player ON my SS Preamp and after ON my SS Amps I have the HIGHT NOISE come from my pair of speaker tweeter & Midrange, PLEASE HELP.

Thank you.
Turn off your CD player, any noise? If not, then turn off your preamp. Any noise? With only your amp on, any noise? You can also try disconnecting each component in the same order, but if you do you have to turn off your amp each dime. Doing this may not solve your problem but at least it will pin down the source of your problem and maybe someone can then help you with it.
Cant figure for the life of me why you named yourself Newbee. You are anything but as you are a great asset and contributor to AG. Just had to add this .
My speakers make alot of noise too! :)
Brainwater, re the reason for Newbee - I'm somewhat of a contrarian - my kid calls me Salmon because I love to go against the current of things. So in order to soften this aspect of my personality I call myself Newbee - Then its easier for someone to disregard my rantings if they disagree or don't find value. After all, what does a Newbee know anyway! :-) Thanks for the kind thought......
Thank you for all.

The problem noise RESOLVED, only discounted all cables PC, Interconnects & Speakers cables, after 24 hours reconnected all cables OK.