Noise from Xfinity cable box

I just installed an Xfinity X1 cable box in my rack with my audio and video gear and it is the noisiest piece I have ever had in my system. I think it is a fan, but it runs constantly, even with the power switched off (standby mode?). I had been using a simple little digital converter from Comcast in the system that worked fine for HD video and audio, and was dead quite.  I am thinking of going back to it and ditching the DVR and voice capabilities.  Anybody else have this problem with new X1 cable boxes?
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You don't have to use the box they give/rent to you. You can go to Best Buy and get something like this.

Yeah, but X1 DVR and its voice remote offer fantastic functionality. They are multi-room devices, so move it to another room/tv and stream the dvr content off the box in the other room to the quiet little box in audio room.
One concern is there might be an extra charge to have your X1 DVR work with the extra digital box. Since I only use the X1 with one tv and share the content via the app to multiple macs, pc & iPads, I don't have any of those little comcast boxes any longer. Cheers,
Thanks for both of those ideas. I am just about done with a complete re-cabling of my main system and it is sounding really good, and very quiet.  Dropping this noise maker in is a complete drag.
I went through the X1 fan noise issue about a year ago. There are two manufacturers/ models of the X1. You want the quiet one:

Arris XG1-A (blue power light)
Every XG1-P I tried had a noisy fan.  I kept calling Comcast checking for a XG1-A and had them hold it for me so I could pick it up.
I had to put isolation feet under my Xfinity cable box to quiet the fan noise down. Doesn't eliminate it but does quiet it down quite a bit. Hope this tip helps you.
Thanks slbenz, I went back to Xfinity, complained and got a different (earlier?) version of the X1 box which is much quieter.  Now I can only hear the fan when I am within a few feet of the gear.