Noise from tne air conditioner.. started today...

So I only have a in wall AC unit. It is located right between the speakers.. (but hidden by a very low chair, so only the vents peek up at the top.Today muggy and not that hot out, but raining, so time to hit the AC. It is 83F in my apartment as usual. So just to take it down to 80F with less humidity would be great. ( I am very used to 80F. and all Winter have it 80F.    
Just when it is humid, and 82F 84F.. inside.. Well time for some AC.I would say it is sort of a 'voluntary' tinnitus...
I'm in the same boat as you, @elizabeth. I don't look forward to the summers we have here, in the valley, as the AC has to run practically all day and it just ruins ones listening pleasure.

There are times when I'll lower the temp on the AC unit for a period of time just to get it down to where it will be bearable for an hour or two, or three, just to get my listening fix in. 

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I would die if our house was kept at 80 degrees.  Especially for my wife who has a fit if it is over 68 in the house.  Elizabeth, I am wondering if the sound changes at all when the temp is higher or lower?  Haver you ever noticed?  Personally, I think my system sounds it's best when I have 2 of the windows open in the living room during the Spring.
I used to be the same when I first moved to Florida but over 20 years have acclimated somewhat and now do not turn the AC on until 81 to 82.

AC noise?

I just crank the volume more.......

And when it's late at night and the better half objects to excessive spl then it's time to break out the headphones.

Like now as it is 100 plus the next few days here... Yuk!
If I kept my house at 80 during the winter it would change the sound of my rig because I'd have sweat dripping into my ears, and I'd realize I'm very old...
I am a human sweat ball, and have asthma as well.  I couldn’t live in a house kept at 80 degrees
Very real problem indeed. People are spending significant amounts of money to get equipment with a little bit better signal/noise ratios, but don't worry too much about ambient noise, basically rendering the investment pointless. Just try listening with/without the AC on, you will find a very important difference. In my case I found that my AC (2 hp) produces around 45/46 dba of noise at the listening position to cool down the 72M2 room. So when listening at 65-75 db level (listening position) the dynamic range would only be 20-30 db as well. Therefore, I have created a solution in order to reduce the AC noise significantly by using a false wall around the AC, but divide the upper part (=hot air intake) and lower part (cold air outlet) at the AC unit. (intake opening at the top, outlet at the bottom). I did create a channel inside this "box" so that the produced sound has to get around the corner a few times before being able to enter the room. Please note that this "box around the AC" is quite larger than the AC itself, so the air intake and outlet openings are much bigger than the original once at the AC unit. Air velocity is significantly reduced, hence not too much noise is produced. This works quite well, the room stays cool, and noise level has reduced by about 10 db at the listening position. The false wall has been made using 18mm plywood plus an 8mm thick foam finish, and is removable to allow for maintenance of the AC. I realize that this may not be for everybody, as space may not be available, work execution may be difficult, as you will have to do it yourself or hire a handyman. However, if you DO have the space, this is an investment (possibly a few hundred dollars) you won't regret.