Noise from the Phono Pre-amp High Volume

Last night, I was playing some vinyl and noticed something I had never noticed before. With my stereo pre-amp set to the turntable input setting, I stopped playing my LP and cranked up the volume to a very high level. I noticed at this point some noise coming out of my speakers which sounds like when a tuner looses a station and you hear that "hissing" noise (same noise as in the old days when a TV was in-between stations and all you had was "snow" and the "hissing" noise). Next, I turned off my phono pre-amp and the noise disappeared.

My setup is a Dynavector P-75 MKII phono pre-amp connecting to my Linn Majik Kontrol stereo pre-amp (line level input).

Is this normal?

I've never noticed this noise in my vinyl playback even at loud levels but when I did this test, the volume was ridiculously high (90 of 100) which is a level I obviously never listen at.
Yes it is normal, the result of amplifying a small signal. SS phono amps are relatively quiet so that is why you have to turn up the volume w/nothing playing to hear it.