Noise from REL Stadium III Sub

Good Morning,

I am getting an intermittent noise from my REL sub, it sounds as if something is interrupting the power supply, and it sounds like a staticy clicking noise. NOt at all like a ground loop or anything like that. Wondering if any one has experienced anything like this, and if its an easy fix, or if it needs to make a visit to Sumiko Audio. Thanks.
I think you should contact Sumiko. They may know exactly what it is. If a component needs to be replaced, I have read that the modular construction of the REL subs allow them to be repaired by the owner rather than shipping them off.
I just bought a Stadium III and haven't heard anything like that (and hope not to). Contact Sumiko, they were VERY helpful and friendly when UPS "Uck-Fuped" a pair of V-A Beetovens.

If you are connecting the REL to an amplifier with the provided spectron cable it may be that your amplifier is sending back feedback into the connection. I had this happen with a BAT VK200 and a REL Storm III Subwoofer. I believe that the term is differentially balanced amplifier. I am to understand that Krell amplifiers are the same way and do not work well with REL Subwoofers for this reason. There is another way to set up the Spectron cable to an amplifier such as the ones that I spoke of. I believe that it involves setting the ground elsewhere on the chassis.

I hope this was helpful.