noise from light dimmers and ceiling fan speed con

does anyone know of a light dimmer and/or ceiling fan speed control that will not interfere with audio quality. A guy at the lighting store said he thought digital controls would be ok.
Does anyone here have input on that?
I think it is the rheostat that controls the dimmer or the fan speed that causes the problem. If the 'digital' control doesn't have one then it might. Nothing wrong with trying one if it is matched up to the requirements of your lights/fan. A cheap fix if it works.
Had the same problem. I changed the switch to a non rheostat and still had problems with anything plugged into that wall. All my other walls sounded good but not that wall. I found out later there were other sockets on the same circuit. Get a dedicated line and be forever happy.
The rheostat is what you want, not the electronic ones (digital?) with the push on/off or the light switch type. Get one that is a wirewound resistor type commonly used on fans and the like. Neither will work on fluorescent lights though...
Thank you all. That is sort of what i expected. I guess i'll go with plain switches and avoid the noise.

I have done just that. I ran two dedicated 20 amp lines to my system. Hope that works. Not finished with the room yet, so I don't know the results.
Make sure your lights are on the other power leg from your equipment. Equipment L1 and ground the lights L2 and ground. Also do not connect more than 1 light per dimmer, more load or lights more noise.

Thanks, I haven't tied them into the panel box yet, so I'll pay attention to that!
Use halogen lights if you can. They will not sing when dimmed like incandescent bulbs do.