Noise from emmlabs CDSD with certain CDs

I am wondering from other emmlabs CDSD owners, how often do you encounter trouble playing certain CDs with loud spinning noises from presumably unbalanced discs ? THe sound starts off loud on the first few tracks, but usually deceases as the disc plays later tracks. I seem to be noticing this happen with more new CDs lately than I remember when I first got my system last year. Any solution ?? While I am used to this with my cheap Cambridge Audio CDP, is this to be expected with a transport of this cost ?
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Anyways, I contacted my emmlabs dealer today and look forward to hearing from them.

Nonetheless, I am curious whether others are experiencing this with various versions of the CDSD.
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No problems with mine. Sounds like something is wrong with your transport mechanism.
Are you running it into a line conditioner? If so, which one?
All my gear is directly connected to dedicated lines in the wall.
Where did you buy it from? Have you contacted the dealer you purchased it from?
I bought it in Canada last year and the dealer has already called me. He will check into it right away.
Just to provide closure on this thread, my CDSD has returned from emmlabs. The transport was not felt to be the issue, but rather this relates to the fact that the CDSD spins all discs (CD and SACD) at the faster SACD speeds. Therefore, certain discs may make a loud noise when the first few tracks are read at the faster speed, and as the laser moves outward the speed decreases on the later tracks the noise may go away. The solution in my case was to change the top to one without vent holes and to increase the internal insulation. THis has largely improved the noise, unless I stand right beside the CDSD and put my ear close to the machine, with some of my offending discs. ANyways, it seems reasonably solved for now.