Noise eater

I think most of us are interested to buy things that don't carry absurd costs, but still bring on very positive results.
Am i wrong?
If not, check out Essential Audiotools Noise Eater (€145).
This connected to a power strip will make you smile.
Detail & imaging. Like looking through a polished window :-D
I connected one of my active speakers to the powerstrip and the other one to the outlet. The difference is that the speaker connected to the strip (Noise eater) sounds much clearer, to such a degree it simply is now a must to use the Noise eater..
I have all components running through this now.
Very good, try one and be happy.
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I have to agree parallel filters are quite beneficial and use them in my system. I have been using the ones offered by Alan Maher Designs for years. As a result I don't use a traditional power conditioner any longer.
The Noise Eater looks like an interesting product. Similar in physical design to the Nordost/Quantum Qv2, I wonder it it works on similar technical principles?

Like Clio09, I also also have an Alan Mayer parallel filter called the Scorpion, I could not live without it, it is that good.
hi agisthos:

i too have alan maher filters, what is different sonically about this filter, compared to his other filters ?

Where can we source the EAT Noise Eater in the US?
I have not tried the EAT. It might be the one to get.

When I tried other products that made similar claims, they did reduce noise.

And musical dynamics.
Hello, i checked but i don't know how to get a US-version of the Noise eater. I suggest you mail and ask, it is a very good product.
You'll notice the effect very clearly.
Regarding restricted dynamics (or the fear of....), i can tell you that is absolutely not happening here.
I agree it looks like similar to Nordosts Qv2, but this is half price from that i guess. This is IMO a bargain. There are no downsides using this. It's like you change and plug in better power chords everywhere in your system.
Be curious in hearing impressions of folks who have tried various models of these types of devices. Pulled the trigger on a Blue Circle implementation (BC86 or something like that). Hasn't arrived just yet.
Mr Tennis I only have experience with that product, I have purchased no others from Alan. It just seems to treat everything plugged into the same power strip. Even video is better on my TV.

I also have a Nordost Qv2. It seems to do something on a totally different level the the Alan Mayer parallel filter. They do not cross over, or effect each other, but are complimentary.

I now have too many of these devices plugged into my power chain, but if I had none I would start with this Essential Audiotools Noise Eater, it is cheaper than the rest.
I know this is an old thread, but maybe this would be the best place to put it. I had problems with noise getting into my preamp, since I use a power ethernet adapter to get my music to the streamer. I got the Noise Eater and all the noise (crackling sound during data transmission) was gone. Additionally, the sound, especially the mids and highs, got very cleaned up, there is more detail and realism of the music is enhanced. Very happy with the results.