Noise around outlet, help

I'm wondering if someone can help me with this. My outlet is making a low buzz/crackling noise when I plug in the powercord that connects to a Bpt 3.5 sig. The noise goes away when I unplug the pc, so I'm thinking it's not the outlet.
Some background info: new hubbel cryo' outlet (about 1 week), new Bpt 3.5 sig (about 3 days), and new Nite Master (demoed pc) connecting the Bpt to outlet. I have all my components connected to the Bpt.
I haven't noticed this noise before, but today is the first day I have a chance to properly arrange them on my rack and noticed this noise. I've been running the system for about 3-4 days straigth, with an hour off to let things cool down a little every 24 hrs. It's not loud, but I'm concerned as I don't know what's causing the noise. My thanks in advance.
If the noise is due to a bad connection between the household wiring and the Hubbell, or internal wires from the male wall plug where it connects to your Nite power cord, you could have a safety hazard.

Broken wires or loose connections at either of these points is not good.

Who provided the Hubbell and who installed it?

Do you know if the Hubbell was installed using the "back wire" feature or the side terminal screws?

Does the Nite Master make any noise when connected to another outlet with this same load on it?

I assume your household wiring is copper and not aluminum.
WARNING, Remove and replace immediatly before your house catches fire!

Smoke and a burning smell is sure to follow
Hello, thanks Albert and Glen.
I've worked on it this morning. The Hubbell is from World Power, has side terminal screws, copper wiring, and was installed by me.
I've cut off about 2 inches on all the hot, neutral, and ground and reconnected the Hubbell. It seems like the wires were too long and may have rubbed against one another when I pushed the outlet back in the first time. The hot wires weren't touching anything, but it looks like the ground could've been rubbing against the uncovered part of the neutral (connecting terminal).
Prior to reconnecting the Hubbell, I've connected the Nite to an extension cord to another outlet and it wasn't making any noise. I've had everything reconnected for about an hour now, and there's no noise so far. My guess is that the ground, when pushed in the first time, formed a semi-circular shape that extends up, parts of it touching the small exposed area of the neutral wire or the terminal itself.
I will keep an eye on it today to make sure nothing else happens. I've done this before with no problems, but I have no technical/electrical background. Thank you for your suggestions, and please comment if my guess doesn't seem logical.
If you've wired everything correctly, you should not have any exposed areas on hot or neutral wires that could be touched by ANYTHING. If you have exposed areas, you haven't wired correctly.

If you're not 110% sure what you're doing, you ought to get someone to help you who does. House wiring is not something to fool around with or make mistakes with. You could lose your house or lose your life.
I've decided to get an electrician to come in and take a look at all the outlets I've switched in the past and inspect the whole house for any lose wires. Better safe than sorry with this stuff, thanks all.