nOhr speakers

I am putting some speakers in my bedroom (my wife actually asked where the old ones went!). Has anyone had experience with this line. They are interesting in appearance and some reviewers like them, but I wanted the perspective of Audiogon people. In particular, what you like and dislike about them, which model, and are they similar to any other more well-known brands. I am also considering the Epos ELS-3 and the Axiom M3ti. In a word, the nOhr speakers look cool. Thanks.
I own the mini 9.0's. I like them - alot. But they are not the perfect speaker for me, and they do not mate nearly as well with SS gear as they do tube gear. Although the nOrh website doesn't expressly say it, the speakers clearly (in my mind) are designed for tube gear, as the Vifa Scanspeak drivers they use are very accurate, and a tad "dry." If you notice the electronics nOrh sells, it's all tube gear, save the monoblock SS amps (which aren't actually made by nOrh but by a gentleman Mike Barnes contracted with for that particular project.) There's a thread either here or on AA about it.

At any rate, the speakers do everything well, and are very good imagers in my system. I know you said this is the bedroom system; is it the same components you have listed in your library system? If so, these speakers will do well, although if the Creek integrated is as detailed as Stereophile claims it is, you may get the same slightly dry sound I get.

I don't know how big your bedroom is, but a note on the nOrh line: it seems to be universally accepted that the nOrh 3.0 and 4.0 are the most revealing and unforgiving of the line. The 5.1's are said to be more relaxed. All three of those models are designed for both HT and high-end audio use, while the 7.0 and 9.0 series are supposed to be for either 2-channel audio or upgraded mains in a HT/SACD setup.

Although nOrh already sells their speakers at an incredible price, you can save even more by emailing Mike Barnes and asking him what DIY kits he has available. In January I was able to pick up my speakers as a kit and saved another 250 bucks, and all I had to do was buy the drivers, hook them up and screw them in. Easy money. If you do the kit, though, ask Mike and Yuth (the head engineer) if the polarity to the tweeter is designed to be reversed; as noted on Dennis Murphy's website (Murphy productions), the 9.0 series is designed this way, although there are no instructions with the kit to tell you that.

Note you need stands that are 10 inches wide for the bigger nOrh speakers and 6 inches deep. I found some beautifully-fabricated marble stands at

Check out the reviews from, and do a search here in virtual systems; there are a couple other folks on here with nOrh speakers. I have to agree with others who say the speakers are an incredible value soundwise. And the looks, well, I agree with you: they look really, REALLY cool! :)

Good luck!
Thanks very much for the time and effort of your reply. The hunt continues!
They are very nice,and they sound very good.
I like their style, they are very unique.