Node X

Anyone had a chance to hear the Node X and compare it to the N130? I am thinking of trying one to dip my toe in streaming for the first time.


@stuartbmw3 Me too definitely. Hate hard, etched treble. It is already making good progress and, for me, who isn't going to do much streaming, it is already a success and pretty much what I want. I went after the Node X because of the better DAC and along with the wifi and ease of use, it is exactly what I wanted. 

just found this thread and it's interesting to read the listing impressions included excess treble.  I felt the same way...out of the box there was a lot of treble coming from this device.  Over say 5 hours this softened and now, about a three or four weeks in and around 30 hours I feel like it's much improved.  I think it's still setting in but the sound is much more open and there is a bigger soundstage with the X vs. the N130.

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Wireless. The room where I inserted it is not anywhere close to where my router is so I cannot use an ethernet cable.

@dz13 You can if you run a Mesh system or Wi-Fi extender, then you can run an Ethernet or CAT7 or 8 cable from that to your Node.  Many here do this if they can’t run a cable from their router and frequently report significant improvements in fewer dropouts and/or sound quality.  Also, I’d recommend doing a free trial of Qobuz over Tidal once your Node is more broken in (at least 100 hours) as most here prefer it.  I switched to Qobuz from Tidal and will never go back or deal with MQA intrusive black box algorithms and unfolding silliness ever again.  Just my $0.02 FWIW.