NODE as just a streamer / Airplay device

What are your thoughts on using the NODE as just a streamer and for airplay, and for storing maybe 30 CD of music in FLAC digital format? I will use a separate DAC, leaning toward the Benchmark DAC3 and I ordered the AHB2 amp.

My goal is a reliable, easy to use interface, easy to set up device that outputs accurate digital signal to the DAC. Probably going with Qobuz. Since this is the software side of thing, I want it to have an easy to use, feature rich interface, and is reliable and supported. Few things are more frustrating to finally getting some time for music listening and then having things not work or connect. I would like to hardwire connect the NODE to Ethernet cable and use an IPad to wirelessly control the NODE via a user interface. I want the Ipad to just be the controller and not be in the streaming loop.

Thanks of your input/advice.


Agree that the Bluesound Node has some of the most robust and user friendly stable user interface around.

For the digital side, the difference between streamer is minimal but the difference a DAC makes is great. Put your money there. I upgraded soon after getting a Node and loved the improvement.


@curiousjim That is a new feature with Bluesound being able to attach external  drives, and it’s great to hear about. Thanks for sharing. 

I can recommend the Node2i as an excellent streamer.  I did not think much of the dac and bypassed it, but I understand the newer version has an upgraded dac.

I replaced it with a miniDsp SHD Studio because I wanted DiracLive dsp.  That it does, but the Volumio gui is decidedly inferior to the Bluesound gui.  So much so that I am looking once more for a streamer with dsp.  NAD?

The moral is that the gui is critical, and Bluesound has one of the best in the business.

The newest Node (130) works very well with a really good DAC. In may case, I'm outputting to a Denafrips DDC to Denafrips the USB port would not be available for a USB storage device.

I’ve got the Node 2 just streaming with an MHDT orchid DAC. The combo works really well. I plan to soon upgrade the Node 2 considerably by adding an external Teddy Pardo power supply bypassing the cheap internal power supply of the Node 2. Everyone that has gone down the external power supply route seems to think the results are well worth the expense. I considered the Sbooster, but Teddy Pardo now offers a kit where you can convert it yourself in maybe 20 minutes.