Node 2i vs. Cambridge CXN (V2) for Tidal?

I'd appreciate some comments. I suspect the Cambridge sounds better for everything except MQA. And it seems like there's a lot of folks on either side of the MQA debate. The Node 2i does MQA while the Cambridge does not

Right now Tidal is my only source. I currently run it Toslink from my PC vid card to my NAD C388 Integrated. I'm not even sure I'm getting MQA that way (definitely paying for MQA LOL). But I want a streamer for the ease of use controlling from an app.

As an aside I could also get a BluOS 2i MDC card for my NAD (plugs right in the back) which I assume is exactly the same as the Node 2i just with out the DAC. But it seems to me with the Node I could possibly use a stand-alone DAC if I wanted to down the road. Not so with the card.

Anyway your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
I guess it depends if you’re happy with your DAC. You’re right the module doesn’t have digital out so you would be stuck with the DAC in the NAD. The Node2i doesn’t have USB out so you would only have coax or optical out. If you want MQA then the cambridge is out. 
Thanks. I think it comes down to whether I really want MQA. I've gotten by for 50 years without it LOL but I am paying for it so.........

I have no issues with the NAD or its DAC. But I suspect the 2 DAC's (one each channel) in the Cambridge are superior. But really the Cambridge should sound better considering the price vs. the Node 2i (not sure if the Nod2i and C388 share the same DAC however). I mean I know price isn't everything but people do seem to say that the Cambridge is a step up in sound quality.

Just not a lot of quality options for streamers at the price points I'm looking at. I really don't want to mess with RPi software though I could deal with it I suppose.

Anyway thanks again!
Not to worry. That is all MQA wants, your money. Don't expect a thank you.
Haha yes you're right of course. No kisses no thank yous no blankety blanks if my blankety's on fire....

But I do enjoy Tidal otherwise
I used Tidal for a time then tried Quboz and liked it better. The NAD isn't using the same DAC as the Node2i. If you like the Cambridge I wouldn't let MQA deter me I could never tell a difference between albums that had it compared to the same album in redbook. 
I used both and greatly prefer the CXN V2. More features and sounds great relative to cost.
Thanks for the input much appreciated.