Node 2i to Brooklyn DAC+ and XLR to amp or Pre, and RCA to Sub?

The words Simultaneous in the same sentence as XLR & RCA outs intrigue me.

I have older B&K Ref. 50 and a 200.7 amp. On one hand I can use the DAC+ as a Pre-amp, or use it as a pre-amp to the pre-amp. If straight to Amp via XLR, then can I use RCA out to the Sub? 

Seems like I can eliminate the Ref-50 Pre since no WAY I'm putting MQA into the optical on this antiquated thing. On the other hand, I can do a theater bypass as well for digital from DAC+ to Pre while using analog out from the DAC+. 
Confused yet? 

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Correct.  You can run your amp from the XLRs and sub from the RCAs.  That's how I had been doing it since I bought my OG Brooklyn.  I recently reintroduced a preamp back into my system and set the Brooklyn to fixed 2V output rather than variable output.  The Brooklyn DAC / DAC+ doesn't have a digital output option.