Node 2i performance suggestions pls

Looking for Tips/Tweaks to max out Node 2i performance for a newbie. ISO, cabling, settings, et al. Thx All
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SQ definitely improved by adding Cullen C7 PC and Supra CAT8 to my Node2i. But putting Network Acoustics ENO filter in the mix took things to an even higher level. This thing is not so much a "tweak" but more like an equipment upgrade.

A-gon member Grannyring wrote about it here:

I have no affiliation with the company, and am loathe to come off as some kind of "fanboy"; but I've been happy with the there's a 30-day no risk trial. Of course YMMV. 

Happy Listening! 

It costs more than the Node. C'mon man!
@mstrauss58 I maxed out my Bluesound by doing these things:
1) Swapped out the PSU board with the one from Poland on eBay and added a Linear Power Supply
2) Added a Gutwire Grounding cable to unused RCA
3) Ran Ethernet via Network Acoustics ENO and Gigafoil V4 with LPS
4) If you are using a external DAC - iFi SPDIF Purifier 2 with LPS