Node 2 digital and analog out?

Can I hookup my Node 2 via both analog and digital coax to my Yamaha AVR at the same time? I'm going with an analog input to get full MQA ability in mostly PureDirect but wouldn't mind the digital connection there for non MQA material. Does having the digital connection at the same time disable any MQA unfolding in the Node even when I use the analog input.

Thanks for any advice.
Yes, both the digital and analog outputs work at the same time on the Node 2. I am doing this now.
I used to do the same. The Node 2 processes MQA and outputs the signal concurrently across all connections without disabling.
Thanks for the reply. I thought if I went digital, I lose MQA unfolding as my AVR's DACs won't do it?

1extreme, so the MQA won't be disabled when I have a digital coax connection with my analog connection?