Nocturnal listening faves

Time for some night time fun...what do fellow goners listen to when the sun goes down, the lights get low, and darkness surrounds.
#1 T Rex-Electric Warrior-has there ever been a better late night boogie record...think not
#2 Sisters of Mercy...not really a goth dude, but driving through the dessert with this on was borderline transcendental.
#3 The Cure-17 seconds...okay maybe I am goth...but this minimal at times primitive release is a great winter night listen.
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If I'm sober,
Stan Getz meets Jerry Muligan; This Mortal Coil -- Prety much anything by this band and also Cockteau Twins;
Eumir Deodato pretty much anything, but prelude gets most of my credit; Wolfgang Hafner.
If I'm not sober and it's Friday or Saturday night:
Fear -- The Record; Dogzilla -- Self-titled EP; Stray Cats; Yello especially the racing song; Bullet For My Valentine; Michael Jackson(if not sober at all)
If I'm high:
William Orbit and The Orb; Most of David Sylvian; Sasha & John Digweed; Syd Barret solo albums;
Everything and anything.
Debussy Preludes, book 1. Geiseking, Arrau or Jacobs will do.
Material - Hallucination Engine
Lately, I have been listening to Andreas Vollenweider "caverna magica". Anything by Paul Hardcastle, Hiroshima, The Incredible Jimmy Smith, Albert Collins.
I don't think my listening tastes are day/night dependent.
I don't think my drinking schedule is day/ night influenced.
Almost anything by Karanush.
Make that Karunesh. :^)
Your heart always speaks to you by pat Kallas.
Phasecorrect, I think you and I have some things in common! Good to see another Audiophile with similar interests, and tastes in music and chemical enhancers :) Just like breakfast is best sometimes at night, whiskey is sometimes best for breakfast.

Good music is good anytime during the day. Music is mood and setting dependent, not so much time dependent. It just so happens that we are more mellow and relaxed late at night sometimes, and maybe more mellow and relaxing music is more fitting for solo late night listening sessions.