nobody talks about BAT anymore?

Want to know any feedback on VK32 frm any owner but seemsno one is talking, reviewing their great product anymore?

What happen to the company?
if you haven't heard anything guess they must have gone out of business right?
Nobody talks about Kaypro computers and Donkey Kong either.
What is wrong with Art80342 asking a simple question? Larryken and Viridian, why would you even bother to respond if you don't have anything to say that would answer the guy's question? It's people like you two(stuck up audiophiles) that make me not want to post.
Hi Art,

They're too busy listening to music.

Good call Sean. Hit the nail on the head!
I read a very positive review on the Vk 32 in Stereophile when the unit came out. Excellent equipment. If I had the money I would trade my VK 31 SE for a 32 SE in a heartbeat.
They also have stellar customer service and are always helpful.

I was using 32SE temporarily while waiting for my REX and I liked it a lot.
BAT is a great company with wonderful customer service and I just wish we had more of those.
yes, BAT is a great company that builds solid product with superb customer service. you can pick up the phone can call them anytime and expect to talk to one of the designer.
My appologies if anyone that found my response offensive. Yes, it was meant to be humourous and sarcastic, but I did not mean to offend. Sometimes, especially with the written word, where no real inflection or facial gestures are possible, the line is quite fine between what may bring a chuckle and cross the line. As far as Sean is concerned, I do not even consider myself an audiophile, but a music lover, a hobbyist and yes, a bit of an ass. However if your skin is as thin as an RCA Dynaflex, perhaps you have made the right decision in not posting as this is a community with great diversity, where one persons ha-ha may be another one's bad taste. Somewhat of a reflection of the world at large, in my opinion.
From my perspective, BAT has so many "special" versions of their products, I think they've created some confusion or at least cause dilution in posts about them.
Go to AA and ask Victor Khomenko (This is a positive suggestion not a rag!)
BAT is run by great people but Victor designs from his own theoretical ideals and comfort zone to a fault. I remember visiting their production facility and noticing the large driver mounted on a cardboard baffle which they used for bench checks...yup, pretty...unique? I've owned alot of BAT gear but always wound up loving ARC stuff more! BAT gear always seemed to have some peculiar electrical quirks as well..very annoying at times!
There was a review from CES 2009 of BAT gear with Wilson WP8's. Here's the link:

You have to scroll down a ways to find it.
Well said Viridian, maybe people should calm down. It was rather obvious your reply was meant in a light-hearted way. Thank God we have Sean34 to judge all posts.
I heard their amps in combination with Hansen speakers at a grand opening in Boca back in November. The sound was terrific.
looks like many starts talking about BAT now! Am seriously thinking of pairing up the vk 32 with vk 55 with vandersteen 2ce as my combi now (vk 3xi/vk55) seems does not play complicated orchestra well...

do not like the SE version though ... despite many will think its a waste as BAT is kown for their super tubes.
Mags5000, I feel there is a sort of bullying at times on this website, I have seen it to many times, just pointing it out. People should be able to ask questions without being ridiculed. It's obvious it was nothing that was meant really's just the "I've got a keyboard so I can say what I wouldn't say to someone in person" attitude that drives me nuts!
Sean 34 I'm in complete agreement with you. There's entirely too much of that stuff going on at this site.
Folks come here to ask legitimate questions about audio issues, not to be entertained by wannabe comedians.
If folks want to be comedians, thay need to go down to the local comedy club on amateur night where they can see just how funny they aren't!
Sean 34 is correct, at least in context of this thread.

However, (there is always a however) some postings are not legitimate questions (praise of magic rocks and the like) and these deserve the ridicule they elicit. Ridicule is a gentle way of saying "you must be nuts".

Of course, to the general public, all audiophiles are nuts.
Wow, I never felt that I was engaging in bullying and sincerely appologize to all concerned. I will refrain from flippant answers to legitimate questions on this board in all of my future posts.
I am in agreement on the postings that are completely ridiculous questions...when someone has a legitimate question, different story.
One other thing and I will leave it alone, I think all of this comes down to COMMON COURTESY, not that it has to do with anyone being thin skinned. It seems like everywhere you turn now common courtesy has been lost. I'm done, sorry if I took this thread over.
I sure hope that everyone doesn't agree with everything said on Audiogon. That would be downright boring! We ought to be able to distinguish vigorous debate from insults.
Good natured teasing is as much a part of this site as audio talk. Sometimes the forum is a bit rough but it is also equally helpful. Take the good with the bad and don't make yourself a victim.
I count myself among the many, many, many here who love Marty's (Viridian) posts! He always lends an incredibly funny and witty perspective to things, and he's as knowledgeable as any audiophile I know.

Please try to see the humor in what he posts. There is often some sarcasm there, but it never fails to be hysterical. We can all stand to lighten up, after all, laughter is the best medicine.

Marty, PLEASE don't ever change.

By the way, I'm still talking about Defender - does that have any bearing?
thanks all for comments ala - related/non related ... still seems no review ever done for vk32. all articles related only for vk32se...